Do It Yourself Or Outsource Your Print On Demand Business Operations

Marcel Behrens - The POD Partner

Should you learn to do everything yourself first, or outsource the work as soon as possible? It’s a question many print on demand business owners have on a regular basis.

But this question has some nuances: Learn to do everything yourself, or outsource work as soon as possible. And for a reason, as I will explain below.

Let’s start with doing everything yourself. When you start your print on demand business, most likely you will do everything yourself. And that is actually a good thing, as you will learn the basics required to run your business

Read that again.

You will learn the basics required to run your business. Not everything.

Honestly, the basics is all you need to run a print on demand business and become successful. Everything else you learn is a bonus.

If you ever bought a few courses or seen other training material you will quickly see they teach you basic techniques, presented as something really exclusive. But that’s a topic for another post someday soon.

Start outsourcing as soon as possible

Once you start to see success it also means another thing: You need to be ON your business, and not IN your business. You need to get out of the daily operations and look at your business as if you were in a helicopter looking at what is happening on the ground.

You need to look at the bigger picture.

Here is where people that want to be able to do everything themselves - or act tight when it comes to spending money - get stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated.

You see, there is only one you. There are only so many hours in a day you can do the work yourself.

And when your business grows, you’re going to run out of time. So you need to get help, and outsourcing is your best option compared to hiring in-house employees. You can still do that later if you desire.

Outsourcing works. Period.

Shift your mindset and let go of your fear

The biggest challenge people have is to make outsourcing work for them. And the main reason is because of fear they experience.

They are afraid the outsourcer will not deliver what they expect and they will have to do the work again themselves.

They are afraid they’re being overcharged or scammed, and make up a lot of other excuses why it’s better to do it themselves.

They’re not thinking as a business owner, they are thinking as an employee.

They think about ‘how‘ instead of thinking about ‘what‘.

If you, as a print on demand business owner, can define WHAT needs to be done, you will be able to explain this.

Let the outsourcer do their part and decide HOW they will get it done. That should not be of interest to you at all. You want the end result to be as you requested.

By thinking about what needs to be done, you have taken yourself out of the business instead of being active in the process of how things are done.

It’s that small shift that will get your business moving forward fast.

In order to be able to define what needs to be done, you need to have learned the basics yourself first. Once you have mastered the basics, apply them.

Once the business starts growing and you find yourself doing simple ‘employee’ tasks you are most likely acting IN the business, and it’s time to start outsourcing so you can be ON the business.

The POD Partner can handle your operations

We make running your print on demand business easier. We can help you set up your backend operations, or fully manage it on your behalf with the goal of improving the customer experience and giving you more time to focus on the stuff you’re good at!

If outsourcing gives you headaches, we love to have a chat to see if we can help you out!

Marcel Behrens

Marcel Behrens

Founder of The POD Partner